Who is Bertho Smit?


Who is Bertho Smit?

I am Bertho Smit. Pleased to meet you here. I am a qualified teacher of Dutch and English. Above all, and that is more relevant here, also qualified as a NT2 (Dutch as a second language) teacher. I work as a ZZP´er and my company name is Bertho Smit Taalbedrijf.
I have experience in teaching lesson for alfa´s (people who have also problems with their first language), inburgering-lessons and lessons for expats.

Leiden forever
I have been living in Leiden for many years, with a break of 6 years, and I consider it to be my hometown. Leiden is a great city, a good atmosphere and many great people. I live in Groenoord-Zuid, pretty close to the trainstation and city-center. I know lost of people and lots of places which can be an advange for my students too.

I work at two schools in Leiden and started up private lessons. A nice combination. Besides the method/book I also make my onw material for the lessons. I think ´speaking´ is important. Learning a language is not all about grammar rules, the main thing is that students dare to make mistakes, dare to take a risk. Not your talent, but your mindset is important. Wanting to learn Dutch is in a way an ´attitude´. Only then, you will succeed and have fun along the way…

Not just the book
I like to communicate with students through whatsapp, besides the lessons. I also make material that I use in the lessons, I´m always thinking of other ways to help students reach their goals. For example with help of apps, Youtube video´s and websites.

I love to spend time in town. I love to go to the Kijkhuis. I love 3 October. I love ZZ Leiden (our basketball team). Outside Leiden I´m espcecially fond of the beach en de Waddeneilanden (the best place in our country.) Last but not least I like the time I spend with my daughter, the sweetest of them all. Of course.
Want to know more? Feel free to contact me.

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