A.K, Sout-African, February 2020
Bertho is a fantastic teacher. He is patient and kind and has a way of explaining Dutch. I liked the course material as well. It was interesting and engaging. Bertho also picked up what exactly I was struggling with and made a effort to help me with that. I had a great time finishing of my Dutch courses with Bertho and would thoroughly recommend Bertho as a teacher.

L.K, Italian, January 2020
I have reached the A1 level with Bertho in about 15 lessons of 1 hour. I took private lessons with him, and that really helped to tailor the classes exactly to my needs and my rythm. Bertho has been a great teacher, always available to answer all of my many many questions, make up strategies to make me memorise better and supplying me any extra info I needed/wanted. My Dutch friends are all very impressed with the level of speaking and understanding that I have reached, and I am quite impressed myself!

Nicola, April 2019
I can highly recommend Bertho Smit. I found him to be an excellent teacher. I have just finished Code+ 2. I had alltogether 20 lessons (two sets of 10 lessons) which I really enjoyed. I have learned so much Dutch since starting. I much prefered working in pairs, the atmosphere was very relaxed as they were in Bertho´s home. There, I was given plenty of opportunity to practice speaking Dutch. I definitely found his method of teaching much better than previous lessons that I have had in the past. The online exercises with Code+ were really helpful. The teacher also in his own time created exercises on Quizlet in line with the Code+ exercises each week which although took longer, has improved my listening, writing, speaking and reading skills.

Stela, April 2019
Very relaxed lessons with great online exercises made by Bertho which you can than do at home to practise. He works with pairs so you will get a partner and you will be studying together which is fun. Definitely going to continue with B1!

Frida, April 2019
Bertho Smit is the best Dutch teacher! I have followed his classes and passed all my inburgering examen!! I would really recommend his classes.

Irina, April 2019
Bertho is the best Dutch teacher in Leiden! He helped me a lot. I found him a nice person, and he teaches with his heart (you can feel it). He is there for you always (and this matters because sometimes you cross some roller-coaster periods during the study; this is normal- but he is there for you.

Paula, July 2019
Bertho is an excellent teacher! He makes every effort to tailor the lessons to your needs and to make them interesting, personal and fun. I highly recommend him.

Nick,, May 2019
I thought the lessons were fantastic, and I’m certain my Dutch improved a lot over the course. It is much more intensive than a big class with 15 people, and you are forced to speak and understand more, which I feel speeds up your learning.

Aleksia, July 2019
Bertho Smit is the best teacher I’ve ever met. I am a difficult student but he helps me a lot and after few lessons with him I already feel big improvements. He is patient, he has many ideas to teach you in every possible and interesting way. He gives me motivation to learn and practice my skills in a daily conversations with local people. I highly recommend him!

Imre en Ilona, July 2019
Bertho’s lessons are really tailored to our needs, it makes learning interesting and not just repeating the same excersises over and over! 10/10 absolutely recommend for anyone who don’t want to fall asleep during their lessons.

Debora, August 2019
I am working with Bertho to improve my speaking and it has been really helpful, the classes are focused on my personal needs and we bring movies & books that I am interested in to the discussions – which is much better than just be limited by the lessons of a book. I feel like I can express myself much better than just a few weeks ago. I am also able to identify some of my own mistakes while speaking, making me more aware of the constructions. It is also nice to have some weekly practice that is not limited to small talks. I still have to work on my confidence while speaking, but I believe the classes are giving me the tools I need in order to do that.