Methodes and books

More important than the choice of a book or a method is your mindset. If you take the decision: ´I want to learn (better) Dutch and now is the time´: things will be easy. No matter which book or method you chose. Learning a language is, in my opinion, in the first place an attitude.

Language contacts
Language-contacts are important: Watching TV, listening to the radio, reading a newspaper or a story, and talking in Dutch to your neighbours (they might not be as boring as you think) and in shops. When learning a language, mistakes are necessary. Some learners would prefer not to speak before they have studied all the grammar and vocabulary. Understandable, but not very productive. I will help you to talk Dutch in every stage of your learning process.

There a some very good and helpful books and methods to support you. Which book is the best for you, depends on your goals and your preferences. Some people prefer to work without a method and just want to practice speaking: I will provide you with the necessary material and vocabulary.

A few examples of books that I like: Code+ 1, 2 and 3, Nederlands in Gang (A2), In Zicht (B1), Nederlands in Actie (B1), De Finale (B2),Taalpingpong, Beter Nederlands Spreken.
In addition to the method we use, I will make a lot of relevant online material and exercises available to you.

Flipping the classroom
I like to work according to the principles of´flipping the classroom´. It means: as a preparation for the lessons, students watch (homework) instructive clips about relevant grammatical information, and practice and study new vocabulary. As a result we will have extra time during the lessons for speaking, explanation and individual questions or requests.
I create my own materials for the lessons, to really help individual students with their individual problems.

Quizlet is an important tool for me. It is a great way to practice and study new vocabulary and irregular verbs. I create free study-sets and a Quizlet account is also free.

Yes, homework is part of the deal. No miracles will happen unless you do your work! I would say: doing these lessons will take you 3-5 hours of homework every week. But is not so bad. Quizlet is a very nice tool, the online exercises are both helpful and necessary. And you will experience the progress that you make in your daily life.

Interviewing Dutchies
Apart from that I will provide you with the challenge to interview Dutch speaking persons regurlaly: neighbours, friends, collegues. We will prepare the interviews during the lessons and evaluate your experience afterwards. It´s fun and informative! The interviews will help you to feel more confident when you speak Dutch.