Intake and procedures

If you are interested in taking my Dutch lessons, we can make an appointment for an ´intake´, without obligations. We will talk about your possible previous courses, your plans and goals. We will also do a couple of tests: a short grammar/vocabulary test and a short writing-assigment. For me that´s probably enough to get a picture of your level and to consider which method would suit you. It will also help me to find you a matching study-partner (assumed you want to study ´in pairs´)

Sets of 10 lessons
The intake-session is free. If you are happy with the talk we have, we can make arrangements for the first lesson. (In case of the option ´in pairs´: after the intake, I will immediately start to find you a matching study-parner. As soon as I found him or her, we will set a date for the first lesson.)
After the first lesson you will decide whether you will join for 10 lessons. After each 10 lessons you are free to go or to stay and continue for another 10 lessons.

You can do official tests – I have a licence to take these tests – to determine your level at any time: before, during of after your set(s) of 10 lessons.